The 3 OSs and Other UG Benchmarks

On June 25, 2014 this data was downloaded to my home system and deleted from this WEB site.

  1. A NEW Comparison of UG NX5034 and NX6043 with Results from Monster Macro Runs on an xw8600 CAE Platform

  2. Additional New Data 20100129_1503!

  3. Standard UG NX5 benchmark results from xP and VISTA running on xw4300 CAT and a T5500 CAE platform

  4. xP, WINDOWS-7 and VISTA Standard UG NX5 Benchmark Results

  5. Complete set of 3OSs new_Bennetton runs on the T5500 CAE platform
    Thu Nov 26 14:07:34 PST 2009 Summary, with all 9 new_Bennetton graphs, edited and improved

  6. Comparing SMP = 1 and SMP = 0 with two long running monster macro benchmark runs

  7. Results of NX5 monster macro runs across all 3 OSs from none to
    72 mace parts on screen and in the model

  8. New 20091104_0010!

  9. Results of NX6 monster macro runs on xw8600 CAE platform

  10. New 20091130_0108!

  11. NX6 UG Benchmark macros created with NX6043

  12. Additional New Data 20100121_2205!