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This set of projects and associated work is about fixing up our old house and the yard around the house. At this point in time, Sat Apr 9 14:02:22 PDT 2011, we have lived here for nearly 29 years, and during that time I was working, and for the most part completely neglected our home, both inside and outside. I did what I had to like mow the lawn etc. We did, a few years ago, get a new roof, guttering and some additional aluminum siding to cover some of the spots not covered many years ago, sometime in the nineteen fifties when the house was built. We also put in a few new vinyl windows, and had the living room/dining room skim coated and painted. But that area is now showing some cracks in the plaster again. Aside from these things, and some absolutely necessary fixes, like a new sewer line from the house to main line at the street, our comfortable old home has been left to ravages nature. Now I am retired, and have a chance to redeem myself a little. I hope that documenting some of what needs to be done will help me get motivated to do this work.

Had Jane not been working, very little of what did get done would have happened. The extra time I managed to continue working, after turning 65, did help us get the place payed off.

The ToDo/ToBe list is next:

  1. Task, requiring a considerable amount of effort and time to be completed before the cold weather sets in.
    1. Starting in the front of the house, refurbish all the windows and doors. Where required this means repaint, re-calk, and re-glaze. Also replace cracked or broken glass. In the case of the front door, a new storm door may be required.
    2. Find and fix leaks in the roof. This includes one vent, old passive solar collectors and the junction of the so-called Florida room and the house.
    3. Paint the roof of, clk around the vents and wash the AVION travel trailer in the back yard. Also check the tires and make sure they are properly inflated.
    4. Empty the Florida room, before starting work on the leak. The plan is to temporally store the items in the AVION.
    5. Finish the fence work. This includes the chain link as well a digging in the post.
    6. XXXX

  2. Task, not requiring the time and effort of the above, but also need completion before winter.
    1. Fix the leaking faucet in the tub. The very first thing to do is see if shutoff behind the tub works.
    2. Clean up the yard in preparation for mowing. There is a fair amount of wood to try my new one man crosscut saw on.
    3. Decide how to and then trim the arborvitae pushing the chain length fence.
    4. Get an evaluation of the north west corner of the house that seems to be sinking. The bricks are showing large cracks in the mortar and sum bulging away from the side of the house. The goal is an evaluation by an expert w/o the prospect of doing any work called for. Then decide about and get three estimates. Prior to this make sure the runoff is draining away from that corner.
    5. Fix the electrical in the kitchen. This included a new circuit breaker in the box.
    6. Get a solid estimate on the cost of new carpeting and decide on an approach to new window coverings.
    7. Crawl around under the house, once again inspect the NW corner, put out mouse poison and fix the cable wire to the computer room.
    8. Decide on a plan to dispose of the resumes in the attic above the garage.

  3. Big task that must soon show signs of at least a little progress.
    1. Reclaim the upstairs. Immediately finish rock collection pictures and then start on something else.
    2. Organize and clean the garage and the attic above the garage.
    3. Inventory and clean the attic upstairs.
    4. Acquire and install a new mailbox.
    5. XXXX
    6. XXXX

  4. Task not scheduled, but not forgotten.
    1. Evaluate the condition of and decide on the fate of our big elm tree.
    2. Acquire and plant trees with proper protection from squirrels eating them.
    3. Decide how to deal with weeds taking over the yard.
    4. Act on developing a plan to finish the drive way.
    5. XXXX
    6. XXXX

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