1. Aunt Jean and Uncle Clyde's house across the field from our house
  2. The garage door open, also looking past the garage into back yard
  3. The primary back door and the garage, standing to the west looking east
  4. The main back door and Mr William's house across the highway, looking north and a little east
  5. Looking north into the backyard with garage prominent
  6. The backdoor to the back yard, looking north west into the corner of the house and the back porch
  7. The backdoor, the east side of the back of the house with the big maple towering over the roof
  8. Mr William's house as we saw it across the highway from our front porch on the north side of the house
  9. Looking at our house from our mail box on Mr William's side of the road
  10. Our house from the gravel road going north in front of Mr William's house
  11. Walking into the garage
  12. In the garage, your back to the door looking at the furnace etc. - at one time the furnace was a coal fired boiler
  13. The door from the garage onto the back porch beside the coal ben, which at this time is a storage area
  14. Through the door from the garage looking into the back porch, the door on the right is the backdoor to the back yard on the east side of the house
  15. About to enter the kitchen from the back porch, but you have turned to look toward the door into the garage that you came through
  16. Just past the garage door entrance to the back porch go left and peer down onto the collapsed basement steps
  17. In the basement, looking toward the little room where the water pump is
  18. Up the steps and through the door from the garage looking into the back porch, the door on the right is the backdoor to the back yard
  19. Entering the kitchen from the back porch through the door just past the washing machine
  20. Moved into the kitchen and turn to look back toward the door onto the back porch through which you just came
  21. Looking into Mom's bedroom from the kitchen, this room was my sisters' room early in our life in this house
  22. Near the kitchen table in the kitchen looking toward Mom's bedroom, the clock on the wall was in Mom's house when she was a little girl, the box in the corner covers the electric how water heater
  23. In the kitchen looking north through the dining room into the living room, the far door leads to the front porch where you could view Mr Williams house across the highway
  24. In the dining room looking west toward my room and the door into Mom and Dad's bedroom, the big bedroom - many holiday and other dinners came and went at that table
  25. From the front door looking into the living room, the middle Janie is pictured on top of the television
  26. Looking through the little hall into the bathroom. We got the bathroom and hotwater heater when Dad, Dad's brothers and one sister sold their farm.
  27. Inside the garage looking slightly north west out of the gardage door
  28. Looking across the kitchen table through a corner of the dining room, through the hall into the bathroom
  29. From the north east corner of the living room looking into the dining room
  30. Through the hall into the bathroom from the dining room
  31. The toilet
  32. The bathroom sink with the cabinet with pretty towels
  33. The plate rail in the dining room, the cup at the right end says "Screw The Golden Years"
  34. Looking into my room which also started serving as a storage place sometime after I left home - I started leaving in 1960.
  35. My room looking north away from the storage. The wooden picture was a gift to Mom from Verla Hill.
  36. My room looking south toward the storage from the bed
  37. The collie picture is the focus, Mom did that for me some time when I was just a littl kid
  38. The big bed room with my junk on the bed and in the chair, our pictures are still on the chest of drawers
  39. The big bed room with a closer look at the chest of drawers with our pictures
  40. Mom's dresser, some pictures still left on the door, Mom and Dad's chest of drawers one each side of the door
  41. The living room looking at the TV, my clothes in the floor, on the far wall by the TV is a cut down chirch bench fashioned by Bill Brian when new pews were put in the Methodist church
  42. Looking in the big bedroom from the living room
  43. The two doors coming into the living room from the hall and the dining room
  44. Another look at the TV and my dirty clothes in the living room
  45. The other side of the living room across from the TV
  46. The living room from the chair where Dad sat, during my last visits to the house I slept there
  47. Again the clock that Mom listened to almost all of her life
  48. The secretary Mr Williams gave us across the wall in the corner opposite to the corner with the TV
  49. The drawing of Sarah Jean, Janie and me with the mirror and the flag in the corner.
  50. The clock again. More correctly about the clock it was Grandma's and she brought it to our house when she and Mr. Bird came to live with us.