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Rays Drugs and Medical Supplies
Laurel Park Center
27672 Professional Center Dr.
Suite 130B
Livonia, MI 48154

Phone: 734.432.2015 Updated Wed Nov 5 13:05:49 PST 2014
Fax: 734.432.2016

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The following are directions to Rays drug store. There is more information here than necessary because I like playing and experimenting. You might need to download the movie to play it, depending on how your browser is setup. It is an ordinary MP4 movie, and I say this because I often have trouble getting the movie clips on this site to play directly in Chrome or Firefox.

  1. Directions_to_Rays_from_Laural_Park_Place.jpg

    I found Rays drug store the middle of February 2012. Since then, I have been able to refill two METHYLIN (generic RITALIN) prescriptions there. They had it in stock, and the friendly staff said they planed to keep it in stock. I had been looking for about three months for a pharmacy that could fill my RITALIN prescriptions. The above URL takes you to Google direction from Laural Park Place to Rays Drugs and Medical Supplies that is just across Six Mile Road from Laural Park Place

  2. Image showing the location of Rays from the end of Professional Drive refered to in step 6 and 7 of the first URL.

  3. MP4 clip of the drive from Laural Park to Rays
  4. This this image is how I wish the last frame of the drive clip would have looked.
    Notice the sign hanging in the window is almost obscured by the reflection and the shadow. This condition is one of the reason Rays is hard to find even after getting into the little shopping area. Difficulty like this is more likely for people like me who do not pay attention to address numbers and look for some preconceived notion of a big flashing sign.

  5. Better closeup image of the entrance to Rays in the address and plain view on the building and a good look at the actual door that takes you inside. It is a small, very organized, neat store. The last time I was there I noticed the free coffee in the back.

    Next are images of Rays business card back and front.

  6. Rays_card_back_DSCF9272.JPG
  7. Rays_card_front_DSCF9271.JPG

    The URL below takes you to:

  8. A review of Rays on Google Maps

  9. Rays on Google Maps