Seven Year Old Abby Makes Amaizing Ascent up a 42 Foot High Climbing Wall

Abby is on the wall.

Abby is near the top of the 42 foot wall.

At the Livonia, Michigan Recreation Center, second grader Abby Bass decided she wanted to try and scale the 42 feet tall rock climbing wall. She was with her Dad, and as the story goes went over on her own to talk to the people overseeing the wall to find out if they would allow her to give it a try. The answer is now obvious. She went on to do this climb 5 times all the way to the to ring the bell.

Her Dad, Dan, took the pictures which you can see on his Facebook page, and read his account and see others comments. Here is the link to Dan's Facebook page

Jane and I are very proud of Abby.