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The old version of labco was an index pointing to several directories almost all of which contained pictures. When my service provider, STARTLOGIC decided to migrate to a new virtual hosting approach, all my old data was lost. This is also explained in UPDATE, which was the first item on the previous page.

Up until this time I have been very satisfied with the services of this provider. I needed to get the sight back up quickly to post data related to my work, and staying with STARTLOGIC was the most efficient thing to do, plus I have more much needed disk space than I had before. There is still some hope that they will find my old labco and other data and copy this new WEB space.

In any case, I will now start inventing a new labco. This is going to be a slow gradual process. The old data was accumulated over a period of around 6 years. The first new posting now exist, March 28, 2007.

Here it is Sat Jan 30 12:15:17 PST 2010, and my "inventing a new labco" is surly going slow. I have a lot of pictures to organize, fix and get posted. I expect they go back to before Christmas 2009.


  1. Miscellaneous selection of pictures taken in January to March, 2007

    The pictures are not annotated. I will add some context and hopefully make up for the lack of specific individual picture documentation.

    This time included a January trip to Florida, where Jane took part in the Orlando 2007 IDEX Doll Show, and then we visited Jane's Mother in Bowling Green, Florida The rest of this time period is Winter 2007 in the Detroit area, where I go to work, Jane works at home sculpting dolls, we enjoy Abby our grand daughter etc. I carry my digital camera most of the time.

  2. Abby gets in the tub, on her own, for the first time.

  3. Abby's Second Birthday Camera 01

  4. Abby's Second Birthday Camera 02

  5. Jake's Zero Birthday June 21, 2007

  6. Abby and Jake on their way home for the first time June 24, 2007

    Here is a double picture showing both Abby and Jake as they came home from the hospital. Of course, the Abby picture is two years old.

  7. The BIG Livonia water main break, July 12, 2007 Posted Thu Jul 12 12:55:27 PDT 2007.

    These pictures are camera screen shots from the Local Fox News live streaming video. The quality is very poor, but the nature of the situation comes across. How long will some people be without water?

    As I went into Starbucks this morning, I noticed a headline saying 3600 homes without water. I am assuming it was referring to the water main break. So far our water has stayed on. Before I headed for Starbucks, I was lucky enough to get pictures of the actual repair work on the water main. The break is on the surface drive on the south side of the Jeffiers Fwy in from of the UPS offices between Middlebelt Road and Merriman. One of the workers said they had been there all night. There were no freeway problems today. The Detroit Water and Sewage Department workers got the site cleaned up fast. In this morning's Detroit Free Press it said traffic was flowing again by 1845 hours yesterday. A you can see the water main is large, as it would have to be to create the flooding conditions it did yesterday.

  8. One Abby and 3 Jake Pictures 200707

  9. Yesterday, Sunday, September 2, 2007, Abby and Jake came over while their Mom and Dad went to a movie. It was a good opportunity to take pictures.

    In the pictures of Jake laying on the yellow blanket, he is watching a small mobile like toy that I am spinning around. In the last set of picture of Abby, she is preparing to and watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Any time she watches her TVDs, as she calls them, she likes to "read" the insert, which is the purple paper she is looking through. There are two dolls in this group. The one close up is a new doll Jane has just finished. The other one is one of the mass produced copies of a Jane original. It happened to be near by, where Jake was, and I put it beside him for the picture. I think some time ago Abby was playing with it, which explains why the diaper is on the outside.

    At the time these pictures were taken, Jake is just a little over 2 months old and Abby is two years and two months old.

    The first thumbnail, in the upper left corner of the index, is a quicktime movie,, which may not play when the thumbnail is clicked in the index, but you can play by left clicking on this URL or download by right clicking right clicking this URL.

  10. It has been sometime since I let myself take the time to put new pictures out here. This evening I took what had accumulated in my camera since last Friday morning when Jane was taking care of both Abby and Jake, and I was on my way to work. Before I left I took some pictures of Abby watching TVDs and Jake laying in his make believe jungle. Today as I was shopping, I took some other pictures of things some things that caught my eye. Here they are: pics_20071007_abby_jake_other_misc_church_evenig_kroger_sunset.dir

  11. I have had 2007 Halloween pictures of Abby and Jake for sometime hoping to clean up the red eye etc., before I made them available here. But, I have not found the time so I am making all the Halloween pictures available in the condition they were when they were taken from may camera. Click here to view the pictures. I hope to do some cleanup one day, but no one should hold their breath. There is some duplication and some pictures where I missed Abby. Jake is wearing the costume Abby wore for her first Halloween last year. Jake's trunk is pined on top of his head because he was sucking on it a little too much.

  12. Some Misc Fall 2007 Pics

  13. Thanksgiving 2007, Abby and Jake

    The first picture is a sample of the day which is rainy, windy and cold. The next three pictures are of Abby playing with plastic eating utensils. The last of her three is Abby marking her completing picking them all up off the floor. The remaining 8 are all of Jake. For the first time there are more Jake pictures than Abby pictures. It was a good Thanksgiving day celebration.

  14. Christmas 2007

    These pictures are focused entirely on Abby and Jake. Adults were forgotten. The same thing happened with Thanksgiving?

  15. Winter snow pictures taken between December 12, 2007 and January 06, 2008.

    The first picture, upper left, is taken from our kitchen window looking into our back yard The next two pictures are looking north out of our upstairs bathroom window when the snow was falling. The next 6 were all taken on my way to work on a day when the clouds and sun light were spectacular. The last three are from a trip to Ford Hospital, which is on 15 Mile Road in Bloomfield Hills.

  16. Jane holding Abby

    In the first picture Abby is probably telling me not to take her picture. In the next pictures she is squirming. By the 4th picture she is starting to get interested in her TVD that is playing Alice in Wonderland. Finally, she has locked onto the movie.

  17. Abby's third and Jake's first birthday June 2008 NEW Wed Jun 25 18:22:35 PDT 2008

    Unfortunately, I deleted the first batch of pictures, which would have had the cake eating etc., but I did get the second part of the celebration, opening gifts and milling around. You will see some pictures of Abby hiding things that belong to here new doll house. I believe she was afraid the other kids were going to take them. It could have been a rather stressful time for her. There is also a picture of Dan in the center of his friends who have known each other since high school. The last image is Abby's kitchen.

  18. A special Abby performance on Father's Day 2008 NEW Thu Jun 26 18:29:45 PDT 2008

  19. Picture of Ingrid after her operation to correct her knee joint. Click to see a larger picture

  20. Next are two movies of Jake. The first is small and short the and he likes to keep time with the I did it. I did it. song they sing after some big accomplishment. On the first movie keep your eyes on the center of the screen to see the Jake response two times. One at the beginning and one at the end. The second movie is almost all about trying to get Jake to do his thing, and not until the very end does he get into it. I am posting these Jake movies Sat Aug 16 18:22:25 PDT 2008.
    1. Small

    2. Large

  21. Pictures from Halloween then on to Thanksgiving 2008

    None of the pictures in this have had much editing. I attempted red-eye correction with Pisca, but it doesn't always work, and when it does work, the result is not real good. I have also included other pictures I had taken with out much culling. Sometime there are up to 3 pictures in a row that are very similar.

    1. Around Halloween

    2. After Halloween

    NEW Thu Dec 25 21:27:52 PST 2008:

  22. Back in May 2008, I took this movie, P5160007_jake_says_hi.MOV, in which Jake says HI in a small and soft, but very sincere and clear voice. This happens well into the movie after I get up and walk with the camera to where Jake is sitting in the floor, sit down in front of him and say, "Hi Jake" to which he replies with the single word HI!.

  23. Christmas 2008: The next two sets of of pictures are the Christmas 2008 pictures. Once again very little editing has been done on the pictures, and I have inclued some poorly focused result because I liked the content too much to delete them. The first group is visiting Grandma and Papa on Christmas Eve after church, and the other is Christmas day images. Finally, there is a soundless short movie of Abby riding the little coaster. Some how, I missed Jake.

    1. Christmas Eve Jake and Abby in their special Christmas cloths

    2. Christmas Day is largely a mixture of gifts and toy pictures with pictures of Abby and and Jake reacting to all gifts etc.

    3. Riding the inside coaster
      *.MOV file

    4. Day after Christmas 2008, back for a visit.

    5. Abby, Jake, Melissa and Dan's first 2009 visit to the grandparents. The first 3 images are the results of my playing with the new camera.

  24. Soon 2009 will be here. I have been playing with the new camera, and Jane is working trying to fix the the broken horse, which pulls Cinderella carriage. This horse fixing if complicated and tedious. Here are 3 images of 3 different views of the horse internals. Each of the three images has been slightly edited. Click this sentence to see the horse's right internals. This set of images is best viewed if you configure your index page so that only three thumbnails appears on each of three lines of thumbnails.

  25. finepix_taken_20090131_pauls_67_birthdayfinepix_taken_20090131_pauls_67_birthday In addition to these pictures, listed below are three *.MP4 movies of Jake and abby having fun at our house.
    1. DSCF0340.MP4
    2. DSCF0375_abby_jake_20090208.MP4
    3. DSCF0376_abby_jake_20090208.MP4

  26. Abby's 4th and Jake's 2ed Birthday Party
    New Sun Jun 28 10:04:07 PDT 2009
    These pictures are large and depending on your browser may require some panning to view the whole image.

  27. Abby and Jake visit, with Mon and Dad Thursday September 3, 2009
    New Sun Jun 28 10:04:07 PDT 2009
    At this time, the only item here is a large, 567,869,440 bytes, MP4 movie, which is of Abby and Jake eating and watching Dora on TV. I was hoping for a little dance from Jake, which he sometimes does to some of the Doara music, but Abby did a sort of silly dance. She was dressed up silly since it was silly dress up day at chield care. Click on the movie filename URL, abby_jake_visit_DSCF1439_20090903.mp4 to download or view it.

  28. These super macro pictures, spider_feeding_on_a_cricket, are for some people unpleasant to the point that they do not or can not look at them. Seen as part of what goes on in the world all the time they are very ordinary. Life lives on life. You decide if you want to look. If someone identifies the spider please send an e-mail with the informaton or a pointer to the information.

    The bright red color in one of the cricket's big leg very likely comes from the decompolsition/putrefactionl in that leg. That bright red thrust in the shiney black of the cricket's body makes the scene much more striking than it would be otherwise. Had there been no bright red, I might not have noticed or investigated what was happening.

  29. This mp4 movie clip is the first new item to be posted here in the relocated labco on my new WEB server. It is a movie taken today, Sun Dec 13, 2009, of Abby playing the part of, what she said was a donkey, but what looked more like a sheep or lamb in her church's Christmas pagent.

    She was obviously bored with the whole thing, and her activities with the little wooden precussion instruments was completely her doing. There are too many shakey camera movements, which I am responsible for, but getting some editing done would delay the posting too long. The mp4 file is 147,020k bytes. A better viewing expirence may be had with a download before you play the clip with, for example, QuickTime. I used version 7.6.5 of QuickTime Player. I downloaded the clip on another system and also played it with that version of RealPlayer.

  30. Everyone came over for a visit last Friday after work. I took several pictures some of which I

    posted at this URL along with three older pictures that were still in the camera.

    The last three thumbs in the index point to MP4 movie clips. When you click on one of these last three thumbs you will go to a page with big white letters at the top, see the small print below the big white letters and the solid line that runs across the page.

  31. Next set of three MP4 clips are of Abby and Jake. The third one is a movie Abby's Dad, Dan, took when she received her new purple blanked that her Great Grandmother crocheted for her and sent it up from her home in Florida:

    View Larger Map

    In the first movie, Jake is doing his excited dance because he sees Tinkerbell on the TV. He was preparing to watch a movie.

    1. Excited dancing from Jake
      File size = 56,426,496 bytes
    2. Abby making magic by directing everyone
      File size = 286,883,840 bytes
    3. Abby with her new purple blanket
      File size = 3,047,424 bytes

  32. Another Jake movie with Jake cycling through songs on the

    Dora backpack toy

    and doing his so-called-dance when he hears something he really likes:
    DSCF2797.MP4 size 35328 kB
    I successfully played this with RealPLayer. Since then it also played in Quicktime on Jane's new HP computer.
  33. Summary subset of some of my pictures.

  34. Mother's Day 2010

  35. Abby's light green blanked

  36. Abby's Dance recital June 18, 2010
    Abby is a member of the Shy Lions group. Here is what a shy lion looks like:

    A Shy Lion
    The other pictures are of other groups from the Bunny Sanford School of Dance

  37. Abby's 5th and Jake's 3rd Birthday Celebrated in June 2010
    Both Abby and Jake got bicycles for their birthday from their Mom and Dad. In this picture you can see part of both bycycles and what inspired the look of each.

  38. 20100830_jake_abby_new_doll_cloths_posion_ivy_rock_with_marks

    Everyone left not long ago. As the name says this was after Abby's first soccer game where she had a great time, lots of fun. However, the only picture I included showing her uniform is the one where she is on Butterscotch. I culled these very agressively and removed out of focus pictures except where it contributed to the the meaning of the image, play for example.

  39. St. Francisville In My Search For Past Time

  40. Christmas lights 2010

  41. Christmas clips 2010

  42. A winter sound 2011

  43. Today, May 6, 2011 at 5:15 PM, Abby, Jake and Dan stopped by

    Recent updates from here down:
    Sun May 29 18:37:09 PDT 2011,
    Wed Jun 1 10:28:56 PDT 2011,
    Tue Jun 14 10:02:12 PDT 2011,
    Tue Jun 14 21:12:55 PDT 2011,
    Fri Jun 17 10:08:30 PDT 2011 and
    Sat Jul 16 15:52:55 PDT 2011

  44. Memorial Day 2011 with Abby, Jake and the rest of us

    There is one MP4 clip in the above index. Click MP4 Clip of mostly Abby and a little Jake to go directly to the movie. If you have problems, download the clip, 135,659,520 bytes, and play it locally.

  45. Jane and Jake meeting the bus. Besides the two bus meeting images, there is also a picture of a brown squirrel tail that is hooked to a black squirrel that can not be seen.

  46. Abby's kindergarten graduation June 6, 2011

    There are three MP4 movie clips in this set of pictures:

    1. hdscf6215.mp4

      This video is of another preschool group graduating. I am not sure why it is here. If you are only interested in Abby, skip this one.

    2. hdscf6215.mp4

      This video is Abby's kindergarten graduation. It is followed by a slide presentation about the preschool in general. I had a hard time holding the camera still, which makes this video hard to watch at times.

    3. hdscf6215.mp4

      This video is taken at the reception in the cafeteria. It shows Abby with her best friend Autumn after Abby has had her cake with lots of sugar.

    If you are having trouble playing the vidoes, see what is recomended with the Jake on hotwheels video below. You will see these same thumbnails at the end of the main index for all the Abby graduation still pictures and MP4 video clips. I have had trouble getting them to play properly from there. Doubling clicking on the ones in the list above has worked OK for me.

    As you may have already noticed there are a lot of pictures of the inside and area outside of the new Compuware building in downtown Detroit. You see there the water fall that Jake mentions all the time. His Dad is picking him up from preschool to take him to the waterfall. In the picture it is hard to see any water running over the glass, but it is there and water is also dripping down from the very top of the building and in some cases running off some of the bright colored object in the mobile.

  47. Abby's dance recital June 11, 2011

    The first set of picures is of dads dancing with there daughters. This was the hit of the show. As for Abby's time on stage, I only got this one picture. After the fathers dancing and the one picture of Abby in her class performance, there is a large number of Abby pictures taken at the end of the program when everyone was on stage. It is a sea of red.

  48. Jake on hotwheels Large MP4 clip 233,046,016 bytes made today June 14, 2011 while we waited for the bus. You may get faster access by downloading, with right click and save link as, and then playing the movie locally.

  49. MP4 clips of Abby and Jake's 6 and 4th birthday party
    Everything said about movie clips above applies here.

  50. Still pictures of Abby and Jake's 6 and 4th birthday party

  51. Setting up the trampolean the day before the party
    Jane interperated the directions and gave Dan and me instructions.

  52. A yellow plant and animal
    I took the plant picture as I was walking into Korger, and I found the yellow animal on some old soaker hose I had taken out of the wood shed that I have now cleaned and reorganized.

  53. Another set of bird camera images

    1. I know I look awful. So shut-up and wait until I dry off!

    2. A little red really goes a long way.

    3. Is the water cold?

  54. They are on their way to Orlando

  55. Here are two simple MP4 clips Jane with Abby and Jake when they were last Thursday and Saturday. The current date is: Sun Nov 20 16:39:21 PST 2011.

    1. Abby -- Actually most of this clip is of Abby's hair. Size 148,996,096 bytes.

    2. Jake -- Much larger clip size 593,035,264 bytes.
  56. Christmas 2011

    Christmas 2011 Movie Clips Updated Thu Jan 12 19:51:19 PST 2012

  57. Two MP4 clips

    1. Abby getting her new blanket from ther Great Grandmother MP4 movie clip, 180,682,752 bytes

    2. Yellow duck singing You Are My Only Sunshine MP4 movie clip, 42,074,112 bytes
      This duck was a present from Aunt Jane and Uncle Don that stayed here at our house and has since become a favorate of ours.

  58. A collection of some recent pictures

    The collecton, beginning top row left, is 3 pictures of Dan and Abby when Dan, on his way to work, dropped off Abby for an all day visit with Grandma and Papa. Next, is a picture of my sawing station, where I try to get some cardio exercise, followed by an image of the demon in the brush pile. Next picture is of a rabbit that was hiding in the grass next to the driveway as I backed the the car out. Then come the pictures documenting Abby and Jake going to vacation Bible school. The entering the church image is followed by 4 pictures of Abby's art work created on the Friday, June 15, 2012 all day visit. The last three images show eye augmentation that Jane and I did. The other objects in the pictures are, on the left, Cinderella's glass slipper, and on the right, a candy bowl with candy. The collection ends with images taken during the time we assembled and setup the new swing set. Checking out Abby's new fish tank and Dan's remodeled tank was some how worked in during the swing set assembling. The tent is one of the presents Jane and I got Dan for Christmas.

    The 3 row index with 7 items per row

  59. Jake's 5th birthday toy from Grandma and Papa

  60. Abby 7th and Jake's 5th birthday party

    The first 4 pictures were taken at our house before we headed to the party. The last 6 thumbnails reference MP4 movie clips.

  61. Sprawling_Fox_Squirrel

  62. Three sets of general pictures taken in our yard and on trips to the grocery store etc.
    1. Bright green moss, chicken of the woods, yellow leaves, noodles with n o protean and minimal carbohydrates and sky and trees.
      Some pointers to data on chicken of the woods: Laetiporus and Mushroom Expert
    2. NORMAL WEB VIEWING SIZE: Baroque decorated spider, street repair and fall pastels
    3. VERY LARGE ORIGINAL SIZE: Baroque decorated spider, street repair and fall pastels

  63. According to Dan's facebook page they are on the ground in Orlando. Next are the few pictures I took of their departure and of the scenery on my trip back to Livonia from Detroit Metro.

    Abby, Jake, Melissa and Dan leaving on vacation

    The guy with the tattoos is sitting on a bench close to the door where the travelers were entering the terminal. I found the tattoos not very appealing, and that prompted the picture. The broken Fire Bird sign and the and the Garden City art banner caught my attention, as I headed up Middlebelt road toward home. Finally, the last picture is one I just pointed the camera toward the car window and took the picture of this new store in our area that was advertised on TV last night. I was surprised to see it, since I had just heard about it last night. You can sell your cloths there and buy other clothes that other people have sold. I guess it is a scheme to cut in on yard sales and Goodwill. Is there a growing movement toward different ways to exchange things in the world? Style Trader is the name of the store. Here is information on the Style Trader in Livonia. Click the picture for a larger view.

  64. Halloween 20121101

    Latest post as of Sun Jan 6 14:26:41 PST 2013

  65. Christmas 2012

    1. All Set Up for Christmas

    2. Opening gifts etc.

    3. New Years Eve dinner at Dan and Melissa's house and my New Years breakfast

      I likeed the sunlight on the breakfast table, which prompted the picture. Since it is here it is made with a flatout bread, almond butter, spray beutter, splenda, lots of cinnamon, three berries from COSTCO, and toped with colby sharp cheder this time. Jane discovered the flatout bread, and I have used it for two or three years now. It is only 100 calories per flatout, with lots of fiber and low carbs.

      One more thing: The fish tank is one thing Dan got Abby for Christmas. There were more painted windows, which I forgot to photograph.

    4. Dan, Jake and Abby came by and Abby staryed for a visit

      There is one short movie of Abby making a potholder that Jane got her started on. This was done around the time we took the tree down, hence the ornaments. On a short trip to the stores, I also captured some geese resting in the snow.

  66. Abby in talking zoo
    at her school
    March 27, 2013

    The URL above points to a 27,820,032 byte MP4 clip. Here is more information on the Queen Alexandra's birdwing

  67. Easter 2013 pctures plus stills and MP4 clips from a April 4, 2013 Abby and Jake visit

  68. Seven Year Old Abby Makes Amaizing Ascent up a 42 Foot High Climbing Wall

  69. Mother's Day visit plus other miscellaneous pictures in the camera

    The first thumbnail in the upper left is an image of an alley that I see when I am leaving the Rio Cleaners. The open door is to a bar called the White Rhino Sports Bar. The next picture to the right is a tree I found in front of a parking space somewhere. The third image is of Jane and Abby discussing Mother's Day cards. Abby said: "I picked out all the cards. Dad just signed them." Then the 4th thumbnail points to an MP4 clip, which is a 102,891,520 byte file named dscf2959.mp4. Next are a series of pictures of Abby and Jake. Abby is playing with Polly Pocket, which are tiny little dolls with tiny rubber like stretchy outfits. Finally in this M-day series, the Bass family is taking their leave. The next images are of a Canada Goose family. They were over near Costco, and I passed them on my way out of the parking lot. (When I first came to the Detroit area 40 plus years ago, you would not see this kind of scene around any where in the metro area. Now these geese are all over the place throughout the year. They do not seem to migrate any more.)

    Now back to the pictures. The moo cluck moo is a new eating place that just opened across Telegraph Road from Joe randazzo's produce maket that I go to regularly. Based on the new eatery's WEB page, some individuals got the idea and opened the place. I hope they make it. Finally the lilacs. I stopped to pick some for Jane. The smell was marvelous.

  70. 20130604_Dan_Melissa_Abby_Jakes_new_house/

    Abby's 8th Year Birthday Party

  71. Abby's 8th Year Birthday Party The party was at Buddy'sPizza Plymouth Road location.

    There are 5 mostly short MP4 movies.

  72. 20130704_meal_at_new_house_views_of_fixed_up_old_house_A_Amer_Girl_doll_Abby/

  73. Labor Day 2013 pictures of Abby and Jake's roome for Great Grandma

  74. Pictures of new pup Sherman plus others to help make the small collection of Sherman pictures more interesting overall.

  75. Abby and Jake in the willow tree MP4 clip of the elevatory story, and some beautiful fungas.

    The last three thumbnails are for the pictures taken when Jane and I were over at Abby and Jake's home with Abby and Jake while Dan and Melissa were at the big Covisint IPO party.

  76. Haloween pictures 2013 with some extra.

  77. Thanksgiving and other pictures 2013

    At this year's Thanksgiving dinner, I did not take a lot of pictures or make any movie clips. Thus, I have added to this collection other pictures mostly taken in November. In some of the images comments, I have added, in a red font, live links to related pictures and information. Just click the live red link to got there.

  78. Christmas 2013

    1. Run up to Christmas posting one

    2. Run up to Christma posting two

    3. A movie of early opening part
      The movie is 743,735,296 bytes. If you download it may take awhile.

    4. Most gifts open things winding down
      In these images there is a movie, some annotation on some stills and live URL leading to additional information.

    5. Abby and Jake get presents from Aunt Jane and Uncle Don plus the bird bath heater, and our mixed squirrels

  79. Post For 2014 Start Here

    A hwak eating a pigeon happens to be the first set of images. Based on the pictures on the Net this hawk seems to be a Cooper's Hawk.. My pictures were taken through a screen and a dirty kitchen window. They are presented here without any editing.

  80. My birthday, number 72, party still pictures and video clips

    1. New camera pics here.

    2. Old camera pics here.

      The last three index thumbnails point to the 3 MP4 clips. The first clip of the two Butterschotchs. Amy and Monro arrive right at the end.

  81. Crochet pattern Jane made that her Mother wants to see.

  82. Miscellaneous pictures included with the crochet patterns: pictures of Abby and Jake, Elvis, backyard sunset, three colors of squirrels and ...

  83. Easter dinner with Dan, Melissa, Abby, Jake and Elvis

  84. Water in the crawl space
    Very large pictures.

  85. Deer (doe) in the backyard that is near Five Mile Road and Inkster Road

    It may have come from Bell Creek, which has Bell Creek running through it. Bell Creek is connected to the many small creeks that drain the area. It must have jumped our fence to get in, but after leaving the back gate open it left. No one saw it leave or arrive.

  86. Pictures from Abby's 9th Birthday, The end of Abby's dance recital and Jake's 7th Birthday
    Four birthday movies, some very large.`

    The best way to view these movies might be to start a download, and then do something else while it is downloading. When it is finished play the *.MOV on your system.

  87. The folling are pictures of Amy's pink roses. Years ago Amy planted these rose bushes in this particular corner of the house, and ever since then they always manage a few flowers despite the fact that I have given them very little attention. There were 3 blooms this year, and I took these pictures when they were small.
    1. First is the smaller version of the pictures that are best for viewing in your browser.

    2. Second is the original LARGE version of the pictures best for editing, using as a desktop background etc.

      Jane did the minor editing and she uses the one that she took the date out of as her desktop background.

  88. Here are two pictures of Abby and Jake eating supper Friday, November 17 at our house, while Dan and Melissa went to dinner to celebrate Melissa's birthday.
    The two pictures and one movie

  89. Halloween_pictures_20141031

    After their trick-or-treat, Abby and Jake along with Dan and Melissa came over to get more treats and show off their costumes. Jake was a fireman and Abby was a zombie cheerleader. The balloons above the treat table were balloons with an led light, which made them a little top heavy or else we did not get enough helium in them. The last two thumbs point to movies. The first is to show what a crappy day Halloween was, and the second is the clan leaving. When they left it was snowing. (Not done intentionally taken that way, there are several pictures, almost all of Abby, that involve Abby eating. I wish I had noticed that as I took the pictures. There is one very badly focused picture of Abby not eating, that I tried to make a little better, and I included a second copy, but that the effort was not successful.)

  90. Christmas 2014

    1. These pictures cover the time from Thanksgiving 2014 to Christmas 2014
      I only did real Christmas shopping at a brick and mortar store, Costco, when we were looking for a 32 inch TV for Amy and Monroe. I took pictures to show Jane, and she did additional research. That is why these are included as part of our Christmas experience. I also believe JAMH24 might like to see a little of Costco. Perhaps some day I will do a set of pictures that focuses on Costco only. However we ended up getting the TV from Amazon anyway.

    2. These pictures include Jake and Dan pictures from their visit yesterday, December 27, 2014
      When Dan and Jake came by yesterday evening, I took the opportunity to get Jake pictures since he seemed to be a little shorted.

    3. There are 5 movie clips that you will encounter in the thumbnails of the first set of pictures. I have listed direct links to perhaps make downloading easier. On my Windows system using Chrome I can right click on any of the a through d links and then selecd "Save link as" in the popup memue, and the download starts.
      1. The moving decal on the back window of a car parked next to our car
      2. Main Christmas day movie starting with the arrival of Abby and Jake
      3. Jane cutting the celing vent to let the crown molding fit.
      4. Our neighboor's cat drinking

  91. Arborvitae problem

    For at least the past two years, we have seen a developing problem with some of our arborvitae in the southwest corner of our yard. In the Spring, like now Sat Apr 11 2015, the yard is very wet in spots. Click here to see the problems plants and the big puddle. The arborvitae with the rusty brown part is the latest tree to exhibit the problem. Also note that the second plant form the left has not been affected.

    Click here to see a thumbnail index and more detail pictures of the trees.

    Click here to seethe healthy trees. Based on the 69 inch hight of the steplader, in the annotated picture, the tallest tree is about 17 feet.

  92. New yellow lab pup Sandy

    Introducing Your Cat to a New Dog
    The above site is a detailed description of how to introduce a cat to a new dog/puppy. It is a site from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA.

    1. Smaller images of Sandy

    2. Very large images of Sandy

    3. Sandy in the yard with Paul's leg.

  93. 20151130_Thanksgiving_Abby_Santa_Clause_sunset_sky

    Large version of images indexed and accessed with the line above

    When using the first URL above to access the thumbnail index of the images, you will see a name like this dscf2903.jpg following the title at the top of the image. Keeping in mind you can use hour back button to come baack here to this paragraph, click dscf2903.jpg and view the image. If you them use the second URL, just above this paragraph, and go to the plain text name list index, and for example, find the same name dscf2903.jpg and click on it in that list of names, you will get a very large version of the smaller image you saw using the thumbnail index.

  94. Park Model inside after cleaned

  95. Preparing For Christmas 2016

  96. Until last night December 30, 2016, Jane and I did not know the Hatchimal is the hot toy his year. But, Amy did and she got Jake and us one each. We activated ours last night, and here are some pictures and a direct link to the movie movie, which is also referenced in the thumbnails. The direct link makes the .MOV easier to download and play.

  97. Starting with 2016 Thanksiving pictures more run up to our Christmas day celebrated on New Years Eve Day

    Finally, the last pictures related to Christmas 2016 are posted. At least it is not the end of January 2017 yet. These pictures span a time frame from Thanksgiving Day to the end of the year, 2016. Once again, here is a direct link to a movie clip of the flying Minion.

  98. 75th Birthday surprise for me, Paul, from Jane at Red Lobister

  99. Jane 70th birthday at Red Lobister

  100. Fence blown down, fence proped up and old come-along

  101. Some Recent Flower Pics June, 2017

    As I usually do, I have taken a large number of Spring pictures. I have not selected a subset to post. I especially liked the roses by our house and some yellow irises along with another interesting flower in front of the barber shop on Five Mile and Middlebelt Road. I have included both the original size and the smaller size.

    1. Small version

    2. Original size version

  102. The Collapse of Our Beautiful Old Willow Tree

    Moving left to right in the thumbnail index, the first picture is a winter picture showing the highest part of the tree reaching toward the sky. The next 7 pictures are of the large trunk some with the gradual gathering morning sunlight, which Jane often watched from the kitchen window. This is followed by a spring picture showing how it filled our tree line followed by a picture of the vacancy it left open to the sky. The rest of the pictures are of the collapse.

    The inevitable collapse of our big willow tree that has been with us for more than 30 years

    When we first moved here, this willow tree was much larger than it was at the time of its collapse. We had a rope around a very high over arching limb with an old tire attached that we swung and played on a lot. After some years this part of the tree fell, and was the beginning of a large brush pile which is now gone. Finally, the big trunk split open and the rest of the tree collapsed. Its fall did not hurt a sibling cutting or a new locus tree on the opposits side of the trunk. The tree seems to have fallen down around the trunk, and thus it did not do any serious damage to other trees or our fence. Neither we nor our neighbor heard anything in the night. There was very little wind. The collapse was from within the tree itself, and it may have happened rather slowly. It is obviously very rotten inside. I have seen beautiful fungi growing on the tree over the years, chicken of the woods for example, which was probably another indicator of the poor condition of the tree. It will be many years until the two cuttings I planted get near the size of their parent.

    Latest Post

    These 6 windows, 3 in the little Florida room and 3 upstairs were the ones most in need of replacement. The old windows in the Florida/Sun room had a part of the window frame always blocked some of the view into the backyard. Now, it is possible to have an much unobstruceted view while standing or sitting without ducking under or looking over part of the old frame. The upstairs window were replacements of the old ordinary double humg wooden 1952 windows. All 6 wooden windows frames were rotten.

    Home Depot is where we purchased the windows and the installation. We were very satified with their work. They came round 0900 hours and were finished around 1230 hours.

    The car and the fungas are there because I had to move the car for the Home Depot trucks and the fungas because it is one of my favorate things to take pictures of.

    Update Mon Apr 29 08:30:22 EST 2019, the above talks about new windows, but I failed to hook up the files back in 2018. I just noticd that and fixed it now along with adding some 2019 pictures taken around Easter. There are several pictures with water. We have lots of standing water in the yeard since the winter. I do not know how long before it drys enough for Davy Tree to get in here with a crane and other trucks to cut down the two big maples close to the house, and clean up the part that fell last Fall. Davy could not get here in the Fall when it was dry, the precipitation started, and it is sill going. I do not expect to be able to mow all of the lawn for some time.

  103. Some Pictures 2018 - 2019

    1. A Few New Pictures_January 2018

    2. New Windows in Florida Room in September 2008

    3. Pictures taken around Easter 2019
      There are comments on the pictures toward the left after two dashes.

  • Furnace Control Pictures taken 06/26/2016

    These pictures are their original size which makes zooming in the best it can be. You can save the image as with a right click on the image in the browser, and then once is is downloaded use a local viewer to change its size.

    Click on the image to go back to the thumbnail index.

  • Honeywell Furnace Control

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    Abby's brightly colored second birthday present from her Aunt Jane and Uncle Don.

    MISC. Work In Process

    Below are indexes into work in process and to experiments which might be useful some day.

    Brazil, Cachoeira Paulista, Viggianno

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    Letter to Verla's friend


    Main Un-Formatted
    Make changes in this version.

    Coolidge Hwy and Twelve Mile Rd in Berkley

    Compliments of Google's street level maps:

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    New material in process

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    Iris up close



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    HFH Twelve Mile and Haggerty location


    HFH West Bloomfield Hospital

    Chip and Peanut

    Paul, me, sawing MP4 clip

    Dragging ash log out of the water

    Directions to Rays drug store

    Work on old pics of ST. F home and pics from July 18 to August 3 2019

    The first two sets of pictures are of our (Paul, Janie, and Sarah Jean, old home place just outside of St. Francisville. I took these pictures at least 20 years ago, Thu Dec 23 15:33:49 EST 1999. These pictures were on older versions of this WEB site for several years. Many of you have seen these before several years ago. They were lost in my digital jungles until just recently when I found the old Kodac images on one of my old CDs. I was very glad to find them again, and here they are in two forms. The JPG version is created from the PPM images, and then exported using Google Picaso to an HTML page with thumbnails for an index. I did some editing with Picaso to make the darker areas lighter. You can blow up the raw JPEG images, but they get grainy fairly quickly.

    The second version has a text based HTML index which I think I created in the 20 years ago time frame. I have spell-checked it some and made a few edits for clarification. The images are GIF images. I cannot recall why they are in a GIF format, or the PPM format which I mentioned above. The original negatives were processed by Kodac some 20 plus years ago.

    The third set of pictures cover the last few days here in Livonia, MI where Jane and I have lived for 37 years. The old John Deer lawn tractor is also 20 years old and the mower deck gave us some problems with the idler arm, but with creative welding from our good neighbor and his crew at TOP NOTCH UPHOLSTERY & TRIM, LLC Jane and I finally got the old John Deer mowing again, and I got the very high grass cut. We had so much rain earlier, I could not completely mow the back yard until now.

    1. pics_of_St_F_Pinkstaff_home_WEB_1024_xize_jpg

    2. gif_256_only_with_R_so_work_swith_old_indes

    3. 20199812_mower_deck_prog_Willy_backyard_New_Pic_Settings_rabbit_red_spider_on_green_fungas

    Scroll up to see pictures that have not been culled or otherwise edited.