Ref: Transition from Redeployment to Workforce Reduction



Employee Name: Paul Pinkstaff

Employee Number: 20249949



Dear Paul,


As of the date of this letter, our records show you have not been successful in locating another position within HP. As a result, this will confirm that effective Monday 3/29/2010 you will be transitioning into the Job Search/Salary Continuation Pay period of the WFR Program. This is called your "WFR Release Date" or your "Release Date."

In your Redeployment Notification Letter, we provided you with information about the Workforce Reduction program (
http://hrcms01.atl.hp.com:6080/public/pages/support/en_US/column_page_0002.htm) and also sent some of the materials to your home address. If you have lost or misplaced any of this information, you can access the materials by going to:

You can access these documents externally or from
the @hp Portal at the following WFR website: http://www.hp.com/employee-relations/leaving_hp/wfr/


The user name and password for this site is:

Username -- HP

Password -- wfr


The following is a list of all documents you have either received or had access to and most of these continue to be available to you on the WFM website:


Summary Plan Description (SPD)
Mailed to your home address during the first week of your Redeployment period.


         Please note that the SPD contains important information about the Workforce Reduction Plan, including the conditions for receiving benefits and your rights as a plan participant.


WFR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions and answers related to the HP Workforce Reduction Program policy and processes.


Workforce Management Job Search Manual
The Workforce Management Job Search Manual provides details on how to access the Workforce Management Job Posting Website. The website is a job search tool for employees impacted by Workforce Reduction and will facilitate your internal HP job search.


Lee Hecht Harrison Information

Beginning on your WFR Release Date, you are eligible to receive career counseling and outplacement support services through Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), our outplacement services vendorThe benefits you may receive are outlined on the employee WFM website listed above. You must enroll for services within 30 days of your Release Date, and you must begin services within 60 days after your Release Date.  You may have already logged onto the LHH redeployment website and received redeployment on line services; however, you must register again to receive the WFR outplacement benefit. To register for services with LHH please contact 1-866-579-4891 or register via their website at http://hpreg.lhh.com/.




Notice Regarding Confidential Information and Proprietary Developments

A reminder notice of your legal obligation regarding HP Confidential information and Proprietary Developments.


Remote Employee Equipment Return

Detailed instructions on returning HP Equipment.


Employee Checklist

A checklist of action items you needed to complete prior to moving into the start of your WFR 5-week job search period


HP will send you the following documents one week after your termination date:


Waiver and General Release Agreement/ADEA
Will be mailed to your home address a
week after your termination date



following page is a Severance Payment Estimate Statement that sets forth the severance payment that you may be eligible to receive if you terminate from HP.

As you enter the next phase of your career, we would like to thank you for your contributions to the Hewlett Packard Company and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

For further information or answers to your questions, please send an email along with your employee number, to US HR Operations including your employee number at: WFM-USHROPS@hp.com.





Severance Payment Estimate Statement



Employee Name: Paul Pinkstaff

Employee Number: 20249949


Under the terms of the HP Workforce Reduction Plan (the "Plan"), you may be eligible for a cash severance benefit in an amount equal to one week's pay multiplied by your years of full-time equivalent service.


Your total severance payment includes salary continuation pay you are expected to receive during the 5-week Job Search/Salary Continuation Pay period. Your severance will be at least six weeks of pay, but no more than six months of pay. The summary plan description ("SPD") for the Plan contains more information on how these amounts are calculated, including an example.


If you satisfy the conditions for receiving severance pay, and you sign and return the Release Agreement, you will receive your Severance Payment (net of all applicable withholdings) in a lump sum shortly after the expiration of the seven-day Release revocation period.




Weekly Severance Pay


HP Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Years of Service [Estimated as of your Designated Termination Date]


Severance Payment Amount

(1 week of pay for each year of HP FTE - minimum 6 weeks, maximum 6 months)


Minus Salary Continuation Pay (5-week job search period)


Total Net Severance Payment Amount (before tax withholding) to be paid to employee if "Release Agreement" submitted within timeframe specified by the terms of the Release Agreement




Please Note: For employees who work in CA, IL, MA, MT, and NE, unused earned vacation and excess FTO bank (if any) will be paid out on your final paycheck upon termination and is not included in the above Severance Estimate Statement


Please see the Plan's SPD for important information about the Plan, including definitions of terms and how your Severance Payment is calculated.







Due to internal system availability, most of the items on this checklist need to be completed on or before your WFR Release Date as specified in your notification letter.


q       Complete the following as appropriate:


       Timecards - Non-exempt employees should complete their electronic time card for the ENTIRE pay period prior to completion of the 4th week of Redeployment. Exempt employees should also complete an electronic time card for all exception time before completion of the 4th week of Redeployment. For non-exempt and exempt employees all hours that fall into the start of the job search period for that pay period should be recorded as regular hours worked (i.e. Last Day Worked meaning the last Friday of your Redeployment period is 5/8/08 your timecard should be filled out to the end of that pay period 5/15/08 with regular hours worked). There is no timecard required during the 5-week Job Search/Salary Continuation Pay period, with the exception of the first week or two that may fall under the same pay period as your fourth week of Redeployment. Please see example above.

URL: http://timecard.hp.com/

       Expense reports - http://intranet.hp.com/finance/TRAMSDOC/Pages/default.aspx or call TRAMS at 404-774-4646.

       Relocation transactions http://hrcms01.atl.hp.com:6023/public/pages/home/en_US/index.htm


q       Change your paycheck distribution on the @hp portal to receive paper earnings statements at your current mailing address.


       Click on Careers, Policies & Total Rewards/Total Rewards/Payroll/Direct Deposit/Enroll On Line/Pay Statement Print Option.


q       Meet with your supervisor before or on your last day worked (no later than the 4th Friday of your Redeployment Period) to review the Property Return Checklist and complete or turn over the following items:

       Transition workload to appropriate individual

       Make arrangements to return all HP equipment/property.

       Notify manager of passwords or access codes for phone, computers, servers, etc.


q       Review HPs Records Retention Policy at: http://standards.corp.hp.com/policy/docs/hp010-02.htm


       Review all hardcopy and electronic records in your custody, and purge any that are no longer needed for operational purposes.

       Prepare records for transfer to your successor or off-site storage according to the HP Global Records Management Exit Checklist at: http://teams1.sharepoint.hp.com/teams/grm/Shared%20Documents/ExitChecklist.doc


q       Print off your Stock Option History report by accessing Merrill Lynch.


       Log into: www.mybenefits.ml.com


q       You may access the Retirement Plans that you are participating in by going to @hp.


       Click on Careers, Policies & Total Rewards/Total Rewards/Retirement/Fidelity NetBenefits







q       Verify your home address in the HR system is current and correct @hp.


       Click on Careers, Policies & Total Rewards/Personal Information/Personal Data/Job History/Personal Information/Home & Mailing Address.


q       For Degree Program Assistance

       In the event of a WFR - HP will reimburse the WFRd employee for approved costs associated with course(s) he/she is currently attending or recently completed (recent completion must be within 60 days prior to the last day of redeployment period).

       The employee must follow the "DP Request for Reimbursement Approval", noting WFR, and the reimbursement process prior to the last day work with HP.

       HP will not reimburse for Degree Program costs after the employee leaves the company


q       Please advise your manager to change your physical work location in the HR System, if you move prior to your official termination date.


q       Employees should redeem all eAward points prior to the end of their 4th week of Redeployment at: http://hrcms01.atl.hp.com:6041/public/pages/prg_prj/en_US/column_page_0031.htm. If this is not possible, your Service and available eAward points will be automatically redeemed by the eAward system and added as cash to your paycheck. Payment will be made shortly after termination.


q       Register for career transition services with Lee Hecht Harrison at 1-866-579-4891 or at http://hpreg.lhh.com/ within 30 calendar days and start services within 60 calendar days from your WFR Release Date.


q       If you are a supervisor or a manager, you will need to work with your manager to ensure the reporting changes are made for all of your direct reports.


       HP Fleet Driver Responsibilities: The driver retains the responsibility to maintain and return the fleet vehicle per HP Fleet policy.

       Vehicle Return by the first day in the WFR Program:  Drivers are required to contact GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services at 1.800.866.3060 or fleetus.hp@ge.com to provide GE with the following information:

1.       Location of fleet vehicle nearest HP facility

2.       Contact name of who is holding the keys, and their phone number

3.       Final Odometer information

4.       Contact information, should GE need more information in the future.


       Return Locations:  Drivers are required to return the fleet vehicle to the nearest HP facility location.  Keys can be left with the on-site coordinator, or an individual that resides at the facility, if the manager is not located in the building.  If there is no HP facility within reasonable driving distance (50 miles) of the principle work location, drivers may have an option to return the vehicle to their servicing dealership. If this option is chosen, GE and HP manager must be made aware of the dealership location in advance.  

       Driver Purchase:  The affected employee MAY be given the opportunity to purchase their vehicle.  HP Fleet will review each situation individually based on current needs of the HP Fleet.   If a driver is interested in this option they should contact NorthAmericaFleet@hp.com.

       Re-Assignment: If you find another fleet eligible position within HP, please ensure your new manager has changed your status to assigned vehicle, and GE will contact you directly within 5 to 7 days. When possible, every effort will be made to return the original assigned vehicle to the employee, or provide a comparable vehicle from excess inventory.


If you have a question regarding the process above please contact GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services directly at 800.866.3060, or fleetus.hp@ge.com








q       If you are a Sales Employee on an Incentive Plan please review with Sales Compensation and your manager any outstanding liabilities, draw balances, etc. that will need to be repaid to HP. Refer to

the Sales Compensation website at http://intranet.hp.com/tsg/WW2/wwsalescomp/AMS/Pages/AMSHome.aspx or call 800-244-1407 for Information.


q       Visit the Workforce Management Job posting website. This website will assist you as an impacted Workforce Reduction employee with your internal job search provided you are eligible for internal hire. This site is available to both Redeployment employees and WFR employees during their five (5) week job search/salary continuation period. This site may be accessed at https://h10028.www1.hp.com/wfmathp/content/home.asp With the following username and password:


User name: jobsathpint

Password: mdp2002int


To better assist in your internal job search verify your current job title, job level and grade @hp


       Click on Careers, Policies & Total Rewards/Personal Information/Personal Data/View Information/Job History/Personal Information/Job History


q       If you are working pursuant to a HP sponsored U.S. Visa, Please refer to the Workforce Management Information located on the Americas Immigration Home Page at: http://hrcms01.atl.hp.com:5002/public/pages/Gen_Imm/en_US/text_page_20053.htm. If you have additional questions or require further assistance, please contact Leslie Nicolett in the Immigration Department at 650-919-8544.