Hello Steve,

  • We called you this moring saying we want you to do the piering job for us given we can get all the details worked out.

    The following is our list of questions, requirements etc?

    1. Cracks in the foundation

      Do you repair these cracks by injecting some water proofing substance.

    2. Bricks on the North and West side of the house

      Like your pictures on your WEB page, do you fix the cracks in the bricks, and if they seem to be pulling away from the house push them back?

    3. Time

      When might you start and roughly how long will it take?

    4. Permits

      We assume you get all the permits Livonia requires?

    5. The work site

      Assuming you leave the site level with the extra dirt near by to handle the sinking? I can take care of that.

      The wooden fence

    6. If the fence post at the corner of the house is in the way of a pier, will you handle the partial fence removal and restoration?

    7. The estimate/contaract

      We are expecting you will supply a detailed contract, which describes the process and clarifies what you are responsible for and what we are responsible for

    8. Space to get into the North side

      How much horizontal and vertical space do you need to get your equitpment on the North side of the house? There is X horizontal feet between the big bush and the little shrub. I can cut the bigf bush back and take some limbs off the pine tree.

    9. Taking pictures of the process

      Do you mind if I take pictures of the process, which I find very interesting. I might put some on my web site, but only after you looked at what I propose to post and approve, make changes or say not to do it at all.