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  1. Check my Amazon wish list for Christmas 2011 Like last year, I have put only books and music items in my Amazon list. Unlike last year, This is a new wish list I created just for this Christmas 2011with only a few items in the list. All the items are set to highest priority; however, one that I would really like to have is Real-Time Rendering, Third Edition; but, I found a less expensive book that I really want the most Blender Foundations: The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.6since I am working with blender right now and 2.6 is the addition I have.

    Last updated: Fri Dec 2 16:14:20 PST 2011
  2. Heart monitor that records information by lap
    This Polar one is the best I have been able to find as of Fri Dec 2 14:14:30 PST 2011: Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor.

    Last updated: Sun Dec 4 20:36:22 PST 2011
  3. Bausch & Lomb 14X Hastings triplet magnifier or Hawk TRIPLET LOUPE 20X 21MM:MG-02120. Sorry about the "or", but I can not decide. I will like either one. I want this mainly for looking at rocks.

    Last updated: Mon Dec 5 15:00:42 PST 2011
  4. One hundred foot long poly steel rope just like the fifty foot rope in my Guardian bucket of safe tie kit. The specs on the life line rope is 5/8 in. poly steel rope. The color is blue but that is not important. Here it is on Amazon: Guardian Fall Protection 01360 VL58-100 Standard 5/8 Inch Thick Rope with Snaphook End, 100-Foot

    Last updated: Mon Dec 5 22:42:39 PST 2011
  5. Upgrade my ACROBAT 6.0 to something higher: I found upgrades to ACROBAT 9.0 on e-Bay one of which said starting with 6.0, which I have, was allowed. Here is that e-bay sample: Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard Upgrade Version Software - Never installed. This auction is going to be done fairly soon. An upgrade from my old Version 6.0 Professional to ACROBAT 9.X is not worth any more than $60.00. A 9.0 ACROBAT that is not an upgrade is NOT worth much more than $60.00 either.

    Last updated: Fri Dec 2 21:03:09 PST 2011
  6. Set of 4 rechargeable nickle Ni-MH batteries for my camera. My charger is meant for nickel-metal hydride only.

    Last updated: Fri Dec 2 21:03:09 PST 2011
  7. Batteries and a charging system for D batteries. The charger needs to handle atleast 4 D batteries and 8 would be nice. Any charger must be able to charge a minimum of 1 or 2 batteries. Butterscotch takes 8 D batteries. There were some chargers on Amazon page that handle 8 D batteries. However, rechargeable D batteries are very expensive. This item could, with 8 rechargeable D batteries should be broken into at least 3 gifts.

    Last updated: Fri Dec 2 21:03:09 PST 2011
  8. Head phones to use for listening to music on my laptop. Here is an example on Amazon: Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones Not expecting expensive headphones. I want the plug in kind not bluetooth.

    Last updated: Mon Dec 5 22:59:37 PST 2011
  9. Fence streatching tools:
    1. Maasdam Pow'R Pull 8035 Fence Pull Chain
    2. Neiko Heavy-Duty 5-Ton Come-a-long Power Puller - 3 Hooks and 2 Gears Besides working on the chain link fence, this is good for many other things, like draging big tree limbs and trunks around.

    Last updated: Sun Dec 4 20:09:18 PST 2011
  10. Simple 3D glases that I can keep around the computer to view the ocasional 3D image. These would be great 3D Glasses - Nvidia 3D Vision Ultimate Anaglyph 3D Glasses - Made To Fit Over Prescription Glasses I certainly need the kind that fit on or over my regular reading glasses. I do not have any use, yet, for ones that require plugging in and some electrical power. The glasses, I want, are for viewing images like this one.

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Merry Christmas Everyone