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  1. Check my Amazon wish list. This year I have only put books and music in my Amazon list. Make sure the word Unpurchased is in the Show box. Then sort by price high to low. A high priority item that is priced low makes a good pick for a low budget Christmas. The items in this list I most want are the two HTML 5 books.

  2. Underwear, Hanes jockey shorts size 40 and Hanes T-shirts size large. Here is example of my kind of undershirt that I need in size LARGE. Here is the jockey shorts example that in need in size XLARGE.

    1. A package of ground STARBUCKS Daily HORIZONS Blend, mild Latin American coffee. In the past, I have been ask what kind or shape coffee filter do you use, and this information told the person who did the grinding what kind of a grind to do. We do not use the filters that come to a point. Our filters look like these which are straight across the bottom.

      As for finding this Daily HORIZONS Blend, I have not found it at Krogers or Walmart, but searching with Google I found it on Bizrate, which pointed to

      The reason for insisting on this blend, is I found a old package of it in the icebox. The pot of coffee I made tasted better than any coffee I have ever had. Why this happened, we really do not know, but we do want to try an repeat making that great cup of coffee.

    2. A box of STARBUCKS VIA mild and/or some of the flavored VIA. My favorites from most to least is mocha, caramel, cinnamon and vanilla.

  4. A bright head mounted light (not sure about glare) to read with at night. The lamps etc., are just not good enough. For example, something like this headlamp from ADVANCEDMART

  5. Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet 10X or 14X This is for exaniming rocks.

  6. Some kind of magnifier that clips onto my spectacles. The on at the URL is an exampl that is not expensive. This is more of an expirment to see if I can go something to make my reading a little easier, and if I have to abondon it, it will be easier on a lower cost item. Having said that, one of these that was adjustable on the holder that sticks out and holds the magnifier. I have seen a combination light and magnifier that hangs around ones neck and rest on the chest. Right now, I think a head mounted comfortable light and if it was needed, seperate magnifier would work best for me. But, I do not know for sure.

  7. A 3ft or longer HDMI cable Type A or B, HDMI 1.0 specification
    Although not all the type and version data is obvious, I am sure this one on Amazon will work fine and is not expensive. CMET referenced below is the source of this URL.
    1. Quick Guide: HDMI and HDMI cables High-Definition Multimedia Interface

    2. You should never pay more than $10 for a standard six-foot HDMI cable. The reference to Amazon is down toward the end of the page.

    3. Connectors: Type A is what I need, a type B would be OK but is likely more expensive and not necessary for my current setup. The other types have different connectors and would not work.


Merry Christmas Everyone