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Along with the 2 vidoes of the Butterscotch and B-a-b-y Butterscotch equines, there were some other p-ictures in the camera that include also. They are Christmass decorations, the suncatcher in the k-itchen which cautht my e-y-e on a cloudy day and one still of the robotic equines.

  1. Butterscotchs_Full_Moon_w_extra_Trailer_Christmas_Decorations_Suncatcher_in_the_Kitchen_Window_McDonalds_Reflection

  2. DSCF1760_butterscotchs.JPG
    The above URL points to one of the 2 images of the 2 butterscotchs. The second one is the last thumbnail reference in the next index pointed to item 1.