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Mon Oct 10 16:18:44 UTC 2016

Paul Pinkstaff


Click on the links below to view driveway images.

  1. driveway_annotated_06.jpg

    Image of a diagram of the diveway delineating the shape and parts in different states of repair. Phrases in the diagram like "new_part_large_crack" refer to links to images, which in this example is item number 2 below "DSCF5805_new_part_larger_crack_with_grass_newer_part.JPG"

  2. DSCF5805_new_part_larger_crack_with_grass_newer_part.JPG

  3. DSCF5809_new_part_smaller_cracks.JPG

  4. DSCF5901_newer_part_and_garage.JPG

  5. DSCF5806_newer_part.JPG

  6. DSCF5807_slightly_better_than_worst_part.JPG

  7. DSCF5808_worst_part.JPG

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