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In playing these movie clips, we found that some of the larger ones pause for rather long inteverals making us think they were finished. But we hit play again and they continue. This is viewing them directly in the browser. You may find them easier to deal with if you right click and download them to your system, and then play them directly from your computer rather than accessing them over the network.

  1. 01_christmas_2010_DSCF5035.MP4 - Checking the camera Size 43,712,512 bytes

  2. 02_christmas_2010_DSCF5036.MP4 - Checking the camera Size 37,978,112 bytes

  3. 03_christmas_2010_DSCF5037.MP4 - Checking the camera Size 35,520,512 bytes

  4. 04_christmas_2010_DSCF5038.MP4The arrival of Abby, Jake, Dan and Melissa Size 983,040,000 bytes

  5. 05_christmas_2010_DSCF5039.MP4- More gift opening Size 652,705,792 bytes

  6. 06_christmas_2010_DSCF5040.MP4- Abby and Jake playing with cars and Amy opens her gift from Jane Size 389,971,968 bytes

  7. 07_christmas_2010_DSCF5041.MP4- Abby and Jake jumping Size 288,456,704 bytes

  8. Extra: Singing Toy Size 58,163,200 bytes