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As of 20130119 items 4 and 17 represent the current state using hte replacement hardware and software, RMA number R398129, which I received during the second week in January and which I am running with now, January 19, 2013.

My current issues is item number 17 that says Windows 7 did not see the new driver as a signed driver, and instructed the reader to check with the publishcer, which I am doing now. Item 4, is a collection of screen captures that convienced me that I have the latest Belkin driver, which came off the CD that shipped with the replacement hardware.

My specific questions is Belkin planning to continue shipping a driver that gets what is at least a warining message during the install?

  1. Belkin_SuperSpeed_USB_3.0_F4U024cw (1)_20121229.exe
  2. Belkin_USB3_notes.txt
  3. Belkin_contact_note_20121229.txt
  4. Belkin_device_manager_downloaded_driver_on_20130119_AND_driver_on_DVD.JPG
  5. Belkin_driver_install.JPG
  6. Belkin_driver_install_finish.JPG
  7. Belkin_driver_install_welcome.JPG
  8. Belkin_expresscard_info_file_nusb3drv.inf
  9. Belkin_incident_e-mail_20121230_1916.txt
  10. Belkin_probledm_HP_device_detection_20121229.JPG
  11. DSCF2003_Belkin_express_card_my_laptop_20121231_1417.JPG
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  14. contense_of_Belkin_CD
  15. device_manager_list_after_applying_driver_and_inserting_the_express_card_20130102.JPG
  16. device_manager_list_after_rebooting_and_scanning_for_hw_changes_20130102_2242.JPG
  17. driver_not_signed_20130111_2040.JPG
  18. index.html
  19. storage_as_of_with_Belkin_USB_express_card_pluged_in_and_USB30_device_attached_20121231_1400.jpg
  20. system_information_export_20130102_2244.txt